Leasing Services We Provide



We create an extensive web presence for your rental property by designing a custom web page and using social media to get found on major search engines. Beyond web traffic, we also use property signage. Our marketing program significantly increases exposure for your rental property. As a result, we are able to consistently rent properties priced at current market rates to qualified tenants within a short amount of time. 


Tenant Screening

We place only the best possible tenants in your property. Our thorough screening process for rental applicants has consistently kept our eviction rate extremely low. Prospective tenant screening includes running industry-specific credit reports, background checks, verifying employment, income and previous rental history. We run credit and background reports on all applicants 18 years and older. This report includes a nation-wide search for prior evictions. We verify driver’s licenses, pay stubs as well as contact their prior landlords for confirmation that they have been good tenants in the past. As a management company, we have many procedures to eliminate problem tenants prior to ever renting to them. Placing the right tenant is the single most important step in the process. 


Having a management company with specific market knowledge is extremely valuable in assessing rents and knowing local market trends. Your management team will offer suggestions to enhance the appeal of your property and make your property rent-ready. If your property is not currently in rent ready condition, our management team will help you with this process to ease the transition into management. We have years of industry specific experience and have a wide array of procedures to shield owners from unnecessary liability as well as making the tenant feel they are being properly looked after. 


No management company would be complete without the ability to handle every conceivable maintenance issue. Hillside Realty Property Management is unique in that we use a combination of our own in-house- maintenance team and a variety of independent contractors that give you and your property both quality work at reasonable prices and quick turnaround. Should you have your own preferred list of vendors, we will contact them on your behalf. 


Our accounting department provides our property owners with monthly financial statements posted to your owner web portal or mailed directly to you. The monthly statement includes all financial activity and copies of the bills we paid on your behalf. This same report includes year to date information that will conveniently provide all of your annual figures for tax purposes. Proceeds can be sent along with the report, or an e-check can be directly deposited in a designated bank account. We can tailor our program to fit your requirements. We also send our tenants monthly statements detailing their rent, security deposit, and any pet fees/deposits, utility splits or late fees (if applicable). This extra step and process helps keep tenants informed of their monthly account balances. 

Management Services We Provide

  • Advertising – extensive local and web presence
  • Showings – 7 days a week by appointment
  • Rental Agreement Execution and Enforcement
  • Rent and Security Deposit Collection
  • Maintenance and Rent Ready Repairs
  • Financial Record-Keeping and Bill Paying
  • Serving Legal Notices and Legal Proceedings
  • Move-In and Move-Out Reports
  • Monthly Owner’s Statements
  • Tenant Screening
  • HOA Rules and Regulation Enforcement
  • Landlord/Tenant Interaction
  • Maintenance Supervision
  • Inspections as necessary or by request
  • Legal Updates
  • Evictions and Collections

Not an Owner Yet?

Whether you are a home owner looking into the option of leasing your house vs. selling, a property investor, or an experienced apartment owner, Hillside Realty Property Management can assist you with all your real estate needs. Learn how Hillside Realty Property Management can help you protect your investment and maximize your return. Contact us for a free property assessment.

Current Clients

Every Hillside Realty Property Management home owner client who signs a management agreement with us receives exclusive access to our owners-only online portal. From here you can access your financial information, email your property supervisor, and much more. It is just one of the ways that we make your life a little easier.